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"Einstein: Chapter One" is the first episode in the first season of Genius. It is the first episode overall.

Plot Summary

As Antisemitism reaches a fever pitch in 1920s Germany, physicist Albert Einstein finds himself forced to choose between emigrating to the United States or staying in solidarity with his fellow academics. The struggle evokes memories of his days as a student at Zürich Polytechnic and his first encounter with Mileva Marić, the woman who would become his first wife.



Guest Starring


  • Ryan Masher as Bruno
  • George Lenz as Captain Muller
  • Martin Umbach as Dr. Talmut
  • Thomas Morris as Ernst
  • William Brand as Heidelberg University Provost
  • Robert Jezek as Aarau Physics Teacher
  • Ivo Novak as Luitpold Chemistry Teacher
  • Stephane Poignant as Luitpold French Teacher
  • Thomas M. Meinhardt as Luitpold Math Teacher
  • Christopher Reinhardt as Assassin #1
  • Oleg Tikhomirov as Assassin #2
  • Jack Hopkins as Older Hitler Youth Boy
  • Scott Lipman as Prussian Student #1
  • Ondre Novak as Prussian Student #2
  • Pavel Myslik as Rathenau's Driver
  • Norbert Hulm as German Man
  • Sam Gallacher as Brownshirt