Hermann Einstein is a recurring character on the first season of Genius. He was the father of Albert Einstein.

He is portrayed by Robert Lindsay.



After speaking to his son Albert's professor, due to the complaint of disrupting class, Hermann angerly tells Albert that rebellion will get him no where, and to apologize to his professor. He then tells Albert that he needs this education if he wants to be successful, but Albert pleads to his father to let him study on his own. But Hermann will have none of it and then tells Albert that the family's electrician business has become bankrupt and that the family, minus Albert, is moving to Italy. Before he leaves, Hermann informs Albert that he is to stay with his cousins until his studies are complete and then orders him to go back to school, which Albert does.

Later, the Einstein's are packing up for Italy and Hermann says farewell to Albert.

To the anger of Hermann, Albert arrives in Milan to meet his family. Hermann quickly asks his son why he wasn't in school, to which Albert answers by saying that he plans on attending Zurich Polytechnic in Switzerland instead, which Hermann thinks is foolish. To Hermann's dismay, Albert also wishes to stay in Milan, but he orders him to go back to Munich, but Albert states that he never plans on going back to Germany.


Hermann and his brother Jakob are working on their electrition work, but are failing to power the generator, however, with his new found knowledge, Albert solves all of their problems.

Later, at dinner Hermann praises his son's abilities and says he is proud of him. Hermann and Pauline find Albert's courtship to Marie Winteler wonderful and think it best for Albert to join in the family business. However, Albert says he is not ready for marriage or has any intention of becoming an engineer, and he informs them that he is planning on retaking the Zurich Polytechnic entrance exam. Hermann is furious at his son's choices, but Albert says his choices are his alone and no one can change them.


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