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Maria "Maja" Winteler (née Einstein) is a recurring character on Genius. She was the sister of Albert Einstein.

She is portrayed by Helen Monks.



While packing to move to Italy, Maja says goodbye to her brother Albert, telling him to write often.

Maja and the Einstein family are surprised by the arrival of Albert in Milan. Her reactiom to him much more heartfelt than her father's, who asks why he wasn't in school. Albert also wishes to stay in Milan to Maja's happiness.


At dinner, Maja, Pauline, and Hermann praise Albert's abilities and say they are proud of him. Maja and her mother Pauline also find his courtship to Marie Winteler wonderful However, Albert says he is not ready for marriage.


At the Winteler household in Aarau, Switzerland, Maja, her brother, and his friend Michele Besso are celebrating Marie's birthday with the family. She listens as Jost celebrates herself and Albert for being so close to family, as well as thanking Albert for bringing Michele over, hoping for him to come to more dinners in the future, and thanking Albert for his companionship with Marie.

Upon leaving the Winteler house, Maja stands with the women of the Winteler famoly and say goodbye to Michele and Albert.


Maja and Marie discuss Albert's feelings for the latter. She assures Marie that Albert has alway gotten distracted at times and is always consumed with his studies. They both think it would be good for Marie to give him a gift.