Professor Marcel Grossmann is a recurring character on the first season of Genius. He was a Hungarian mathematician and a friend of Albert Einstein.

He is portrayed by Jon Fletcher.



At Zurich Polytechnic, Marcel is taking his physics class instructed by Professor Weber. He watches as classmate Mileva Marić questions Weber on the properties of energy and thermodynamics, and other classmate Albert Einstein agrees with her, even going on to create an example with his friend Michele's pencils. He later watches as Albert is quieted by Weber, who informs him that theatrics have no place at Zurich Polytechnic.

Later outside the University, Marcel and Michele and approach Albert and tell him that they were impressed by his demonstration in class. The two invite Albert to lunch, and a friendship emerges.


Marcel is visited by Mileva Marić who was attempting to visit Albert. He tells her that he is in Aarau with his fuancée Marie Winteler. Mileva tells Marcel to give him a message, the book by Boltzmann, and then walks away.

Weeks later, Marcel listens as Michele muses over Anna Winteler and tells him of there being another Winteler sister, though having no interest in a wife at the moment. Then, Marcel asks Albert about his relationship with Marie, wanting details. Albert answers by saying that he sees no point in being in a relationship with a girl who can't carry on a scientific coversation.

After the summer holiday has ended, Marcel, Albert, and Michele prepare for their psychics class. Albert notices that Mileva is absent and wonders where she is, to Marcel and Michele's annoyance.


During a class with Weber, Marcel and Michele wonder where Albert is, when in actuality he is with Mileva.

Marcel gives Albert his Geometry notes from the past two terms to be given to Mileva.


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