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Marie Winteler is a recurring character on the first season of Genius. She was a Swiss teacher, as well as the first girlfriend of Albert Einstein.

She is portrayed by Shannon Tarbet.



Marie and her family meet Albert Einstein, as he is to stay at their home in Aarau, Switzerland until he finishes his studies. She also participates in her family's debates at dinner and encourages Albert to join in on the conversation. Marie also bonds with Albert while he stays there.

After Albert receives a letter approving his German citizenship renouncement, Marie finds this reckless. However, Albert finds nationalism to be a disease and would rather be world citizen. Marie then goes with Albert to teach him literature and French, but Albert dazes off and finds an answer to a question on time and space while she falls in love with him.


When Albert passes his entrance exam for Zurich Polytechnic, Marie and the Winteler family give their farewells to him. Marie is heart broken by him leaving, but he promises to write to her and they say their goodbyes to each other.


At the Winteler house in Aarau, Switzerland, the family are celebrating Marie's birthday. Her father Jost celebrates Albert and his sister, Maja for being so close to family. He also thanks Albert for his companionship with Marie.

After dinner, Marie asks Albert how he came to burn himself and Albert goes on to explain to her how it happened and brings up the physics behind it, but Marie begins to speak French to him, which Albert doesn't understand. Marie, who has no mind for physics, doesn't want to discuss science with him.

Later, upon leaving the Winteler house, Marie tells Albert that she wants to come to Milan with him, however, Albert says he is expected at his friend Grossmann's house on the lake.


Marie and Maja discuss Albert's feelings for her. Maja assures Marie that Albert has always gotten distracted at times and is always consumed with his studies. Marie decides to give him a gift, it being a tea pot.


Marie receives a letter from Albert informing her of him wanting to end his relationship with her. She is brought to tears by this.