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Miloš Marić is a recurring character on the first season of Genius. He was the father of Mileva Marić.

He is portrayed by Predrag Bjelac.



In Kac, Serbia, Miloš watches as his daughter Mileva admires a crystal, noting the light refractions on it. Miloš is impressed by his daughters intellectual abilities and asks her if she learned about refractions in school; she informs him that she learned about in a book, and not in school.


In a all-boys school in the city of Zagreb, Miloš speaks to Headmaster Loncar, attempting to get him to allow Mileva to take the entrance exam due to her intellegence. However, Loncar informs Milos that girls have no place at his school, but Miloš makes Mileva show the headmaster what she's been reading, a book by Faraday on electromagnetic theory. She also displays her adept skill and knowledge in the subject. To Miloš happiness, Loncar agrees to let Mileva take the exam, which she passes

At the Marić household, Miloš and his wife Marija are fighting over the outcome of their daughters future. Marija is struggling to comprehand her daughter going to school when she was born both lame and a woman, not thinking that she needs that all on her shoulders. Miloš, however, supports his daughter going to school, noting that she passed her entrance exam. Marija then brings up the fact that no man will marry Mileva for her mind. To the shock of both Miloš and Marija, Mileva, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, enters and imforms them that she has no plans on marriage and wants to be a scientist.


At a train station, Miloš watches as Mileva returns home. Miloš is later shocked to learn that she is pregnant.