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"Picasso: Chapter Four" is the fourth episode in the second season of Genius. It is the fourteenth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Back in Paris, Pablo reunites with Max and through him meets French poet Guillaume Apollinaire who inspires him to create Family of Saltimbanques, the masterpiece of his Rose Period. But after seeing rival Henri Matisse's work at the Autumn Salon, Pablo pulls his painting from the show. In 1944, Pablo loses Max to the Nazis, and he soon struggles with two love affairs between Dora and Françoise.



Guest Starring

  • T.R. Knight as Max Jacob
  • Aisling Franciosi as Fernande Olivier
  • Seth Gabel as Guillaume Apollinaire
  • Simon Buret as Jean Cocteau
  • Adrian Schiller as Jaime Sabartés
  • Horst Günter Marx as Hans-Henning von Bose
  • Keith Allen as Sagot
  • Charlotte Weston as Angelika Kostrowicka
  • Stéphane Caillard as Geneviève Aliquot
  • Bruno Paviot as Marcel
  • Edward Akrout as Laurent Debienne